System Requirements:
Any version of Windows, right back to Win 95. (e.g. Win95, Win98, Win2K, XP, Vista, etc)

Hardware: if you're running Windows, you can run my programs.

Vista users should read these additional comments.

Linux users: This app installs and run under Wine, at least on Ubuntu 7.10

Installation instructions for all programs:
1) Download the installation file from the list below.
2) Find the downloaded file on your computer and run it.
      (On Vista, run as a user, not administrator.)
3) During installation, accept the defaults. (You might like to tick 'Create desktop icon')
4) Programs will appear under 'Spacejock Software' in your Start Menu

If the file doesn't download properly or gives a 'corrupt file' error message when you try to run it, return to the program's home page and download from the 'Mirror' link instead (This is the far right menu item on each page.)

To run these programs from a memory stick see the instructions at the foot of this page

Verified by Softpedia A note about trojans: If your anti-virus, anti-spyware or anti-whatever has a fit when you try to install or run one of my programs, please don't assume the worst. Just contact me with the name of the anti-virus software so I can clear it up with the manufacturer.
Program Download
Full Installation
home BookDB (3mb)
Book database
BookDB2 Full Install Get it from CNET!
home FCharts (3.9mb)
Stock charting
FCharts Full Install Get it from CNET!
home HamTime (2mb)
HamTime Full Install  
home Remind Me Please (3mb)
Tasklist and Reminders
RMP2 Full Install Get it from CNET!
home Sonar (2.2mb)
Submission tracker
Sonar2 Full Install Get it from CNET!
home TrackaMinute (1.6mb)
Program Description [NEW]
TrackaMinute Full Install  
home yBook (3mb)
Ebook reader
yBook Full Install Get it from CNET!
home yGen (2.6mb)
Website compiler [NEW]
yGen Full Install Get it from CNET!
home yLaunch (1.6mb)
Multiple Launcher [NEW]
yLaunch Full Install  
home yLend (1.6mb)
'Loaned items' tracker [NEW]
yLend Full Install Get it from CNET!
home yMail (3mb)
Spam killer and email client
yMail Full Install Get it from CNET!
home yPlay (1.6mb)
MP3 Player [NEW]
yPlay Full Install Get it from CNET!
home yRead 2 (11mb)
All windows versions AFTER win95
yRead2 Full Install Get it from CNET!
home yRead 1 (11mb)
Win95 only version
yRead1 Full Install  
home yRoute (1.5mb)
Flight Simulator traffic editor
yRoute Full Install Get it from CNET!
home ySync (1.6mb)
Folder Sync [NEW]
ySync Full Install  
home yTimer (1.6mb)
Countdown alarms [NEW]
yTimer Full Install Get it from CNET!
home yWriter4 (3mb)
Novel-writing software
yWriter4 Full Install  
home yWriter5 (1.2mb)
Novel-writing software NEW!
yWriter5 Full Install  
N/A Pendrive Runtimes (2.3mb)
Use these to run my apps
from a thumb drive
Pendrive Runtimes

Pendrive Runtimes
Thumb drive setup example:
First, install the chosen program to your hard drive. E.g. yWriter to C:\Program Files\yWriter2
Next, drag this folder to your thumb drive (E.g. F:\yWriter2)
Finally, run the pendrive runtimes installer and specify F:\yWriter2 as the install path
In other words, you're installing directly to the thumb drive

You will now be able to plug the thumb drive into any USB-equipped PC and run yWriter without using the host PC's file system or registry.
All my software can be installed and run the same way.

Most thumb drive require drivers to run on Win98 machines (and don't work on win95). If travelling, you should carry a floppy and mini CD with these drivers at all times.

Use of my apps on a thumb drive is untested and unsupported under Vista, although they work fine when installed to the host PC. I don't have this OS yet, and have no intention of upgrading for some time.

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